Starting Powerful Conversations

 We specialise in providing young people with outstanding democratic education, because we believe that everyone should be able to use their voice.



Our Approach

We think that there are five ideas that underpin a great democratic education, so we make sure that everything we do from workshops to conferences, is designed with them in mind. They are what make us, us.



It is often hard to see how politics is relevant to our lives, so we let participants choose the topics we cover to make ideas relevant and accessible. 


We use everything from Lego to origami to role-play games to help young people to tackle complex ideas and explore other people's perspectives. 

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We improve research, critical thinking and digital media skills to help young people "do" politics themselves outside the classroom. 

Political Structures

We provide all our students with a basic knowledge of their local, national and international political structures to enable them to be achive and engaged citizens. 


We help young people to understand their impact by creating opportunities for them to interact with decision-makers in person, online and on paper.