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Slingshot is a night of theatre, music, drink, food, and discussion.

Four of Britain’s most exciting playwrights will pen monologues on the state of the nation. The challenge: they have to write the opposite of what they actually believe. Come and join us for four live performances that are bound to provoke.

You can also get involved in a series of opt-in activities designed by The Politics Project to start flowing conversations about big ideas. Grab a beer, enjoy some food and see where your curiosity leads you.

For many of us, political engagement starts and ends on social media; bound by algorithms, our howls of rage go unnoticed by the other half of the population. So again and again we just share the same ideas; regurgitating the bias of our closed cliques.  

But the country is far bigger than our ‘echo-chamber’ and it is divided more than it ever has been. It is not just here either; across all of Europe and over in the States politics is increasingly polarised too. People believe the opposite to you with as much clarity and passion as you have - what makes them wrong?

With Slingshot, we want contrasting ideas to co-exist. We want to encourage political discussion in an informal, friendly environment.

Slingshot is a collaboration between Joe Mellor, Harriet Andrews (The Politics Project ), and Ali Michael and Piers Black-Hawkins (Ransack Theatre), with Mark Harris (GAIKA) providing the soundtrack.